Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was sending out a link to my other blog and was trying to find some of my favorite articles (not that I've done many). It turns out that the previous design was an utter eye sore. It was nearly impossible to even see the divide between articles (they tend to be long) and navigation was painful.

I've chosen a new one that I believe presents the information in a much more clean manner, and also makes it easier to find other posts.

I've taken a break from researching schools to revisit my organic food research. Even there, it is difficult to find a focus due the complexity of the "organic" claims and ideas. You'd be hard pressed to find two people who agree on exactly what "organic" is, or what they think it can do. So I have decided to focus the next article on a single claim (and will do others later). So the first one will be on whether or not organic produce (and possibly livestock) has more nutrients than it's "conventional" brother.

Later topics planned for this:
  • What's the prevalence of "factory" organic, or does organic usually mean locally-grown?
  • Do organic foods use less/no/safer pesticides?

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