Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Writing research papers for fun?

One thing I have found a lust for since realizing I was a Skeptic is researching. It was like a light bulb turned on above my head and woo was suddenly filling my brain. If acupuncture is bunk, than what else is? I suddenly understood that my husband wasn't a naysayer or a cynic, he simply wanted to know the truth and see the evidence for what it was.

I've since decided I want to know the truth, too. Before when I would read an article it was simply, "hmm interesting article". Now, however, one sentence will give me reason to say "wait a minute?" If this one thing is bogus, than the rest of the article must come under question as well.

I eased into it, adding new blogs to my reader, listening to a few podcasts. Gradually I stepped up into blogging a bit on my own. Now I'm writing research papers for fun. Anytime I hear a person comment on something that could be woo I get excited to look into it. I want to debunk it all! Wrong attitude? I know.

Though the thrill of discovering that something is false is undeniable we need to be objective. Like James Randi said at TAM, we need to go into things investigating, not specifically to debunk. Who knows it could be true, and that is awesome too! So I am going full force into research. Writing papers for fun that I dreaded in school. It's hard though when you get too technical. The research you find is all hidden behind the abstract. I thirst for full text!

I did something I would never have done before, I emailed a specialist. I need to have things explained so that I don't go out there and debunk something I can't understand. Here's hoping they're able to help me.

I'm unbelievably excited to hear back from a doctor about biology. What happened to me? :) I don't know, but it's fun!

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